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Tim Woodall Posted by Tim Woodall November 04, 2014

Discover the Power of Crownpeak DQM's Custom Checkpoints and Reports

The Crownpeak Digital Quality Management platform comes with a comprehensive library of best practice checkpoints and reports, continually updated to reflect the latest specifications. It gives you everything you need to ensure a standards-compliant website of the very highest quality.

We can also set up custom checkpoints and reports to reflect your corporate brand, editorial style, visual standards and any other important organizational metric. We create a wide variety of checks to support a broad range of digital projects and compliance initiatives for our international client base.

So how can we help you with custom checkpoints and reports? Well here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Telephone numbers. Do you list telephone numbers on your sites? How do you know if they’re all up to date? How would you find all the numbers? We can help with a report that lists every telephone number and all the pages on which it appears.
  • Accurate data. Are you a financial institution looking to maintain a list of accurate interest rate figures? If so, tell us the current set of interest rates and we’ll tell you any figures that don’t match the list.
  • Language issues. Do you have concerns that prohibited words are appearing across your domains? We can check for, and report on, any such instances.
  • Pricing information. Consumer sites are often worried about missing price information. We’ve created rules to look for products that have missing retail price details.
  • Content freshness. Are you concerned about how up-to-date your content is? Customised reports will quickly give you the answer. For example, we can provide checks for the age of your PDFs (e.g. listing those that are less than six months old, or six months to one year old) or report on news items and press releases added in the past two months.
  • SEO analysis. Our inventory reports are a great way to check for the frequency of various tags. We provide a title tag frequency report for all clients, but can also generate other reports such as description tag frequency or alt tag frequency. You can then review these reports and decide whether you need to make any changes to boost usability and SEO.
  • Metadata check. Want to know if your Dublin Core metadata fields are being filled in? We can provide checks for missing fields such as DC:date, DC:subject and many more. The DC:date field defines the age of your pages. Coupled with your usage stats, it can help you determine which pages should be removed.
  • External links. Do you want to avoid external links being published on your home page? We can easily check for any such links.

The complete standards solution

As you can see, custom checkpoints and reports are highly flexible and very powerful. They give you the ability to tailor Crownpeak DQM to work seamlessly within your organisation, allowing you to monitor and measure company-specific requirements. Together with our standard checkpoints and reports, they give you complete control and visibility across your global web presence.