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Jim Howard Posted by Jim Howard July 02, 2013

Management of Content Marketing Is Mission Critical

Content Marketing - specifically, publishing content to be used by the consumer or business buyer to research a purchase - is more influential in the purchase decision than advertisements or in-store experience.

88% of consumers, according to Google's 2011 ZMOT study, will do research online before a purchase. In a recent Gartner study, organizations that engage in localized marketing garnered 15% to 20% more revenue per market than those organizations who did not. Organizations that are great at content marketing will sell more of their products than those that are not. It’s as simple as that.

The tragedy of the web content management market is that the on-premise, IT-managed software model has denied marketing the control and agility that are necessary for great content marketing. Deploying even the most basic website updates through an IT-managed CMS stack can take months, due to QA requirements that can rival the complexity of a software development lifecycle. Imposing these kinds of limitations on marketing can cost an organization millions or tens of millions in topline growth.

Crownpeak's SaaS solution gives marketers complete control over their digital content, layout, look and feel, targeting, and localization. Changes that take weeks or months in a well-run CMS stack can be made in one day on the Crownpeak system without IT involvement.

It's not easy for marketing to change their mentality from launching and updating campaigns and programs every week, instead of every quarter. It’s also difficult for IT to let go of components they used to manage. But when marketing gains control of the content marketing elements (And leaves IT in control of the customer record, e-commerce transactions, portals, and other user self-help functions), there is a huge improvement in efficiency and results. Crownpeak customers have seen conversion levels double just one month after moving to our system.