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Crownpeak Launches Experience Optimization Engine, Powered by Dynamic Yield
September 14, 2021
Solution Empowers Companies to Create and Deploy Individualized Experiences Across Channels That Boost Engagement and Sales
Posted by Crownpeak
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Use Personalisation For Your Audience Not Against Them
May 1, 2019
Marketers should use the data they have to learn about audiences and deliver the content, messages, and experiences that matter to them.
Posted by Ian Lowe
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Infographic: 11 Personalization Tactics to Boost Your ABM
January 31, 2018
Successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) individually engages key decision makers and influencers at a targeted account using personalized campaigns that resonate with the company’s needs.
Posted by Crownpeak
Group of People Digital Transformation
Why People Outweigh Technology When It Comes to Achieving Digital Transformation
October 2, 2017
There has been a huge shift in the world of delivery channels, and companies are facing varying levels of difficulty when it comes to redirecting their resources and attention to them.
Posted by Adrian Newby
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The Financial Services Marketer’s Guide to Crafting Personas
December 1, 2016
It’s no secret that customers are conducting most of their business digitally these days, including their finances. So it makes sense to build customer experiences on the channels they’re using to research products and manage transactions.
Posted by Crownpeak
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Map the Buyer's Journey in 10 Minutes
December 1, 2016
With access to vast amounts of information, data and reviews at their fingertips, customers now take the initiative not only to research solutions in the consideration stage of the purchase funnel, but now mid-funnel they’re educating themselves about specific product offerings using a self-guided approach.
Posted by Crownpeak
Risk Vs Reduce
The Risks of Website Personalization in Highly Regulated Industries
September 29, 2016
In a 2016 survey conducted by Forrester on Digital Experience Delivery, 75% of respondents said they intend to personalize more of their web content, with web CMS tools as their top technology choice to accomplish this. However, for some companies that's a pursuit wrought with steep penalties if it's not done to the letter of the law.
Posted by Crownpeak
Buyer Personas
Get into Your Prospect's Head
September 20, 2016
It's always been crucial that marketers understand the needs and wants of prospects, and today? It's more important than ever. So how do you determine what's relevant for your target audience? That's where buyer personas prove an invaluable tool.
Posted by Crownpeak
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[Analyst Report] How to Build a Persona-Based Web Strategy
August 9, 2016
We're excited to share with our readers this Research Brief from SiriusDecisions on persona development. We found it particularly helpful for developing our own web-based persona strategy, which is a core part of our marketing strategy at Crownpeak.
Posted by Crownpeak