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Nebula Media Group partners with Crownpeak to deliver Digitally Accessible Websites

Nebula Media Group, an agency focused on providing end to end digital accessibility solutions, has partnered with Crownpeak, who provides the leading platform in automated and ongoing accessibility scanning against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

Nebula Media Group had previously used other single page and site wide scanning technologies to detect accessibility issues on client sites, but were looking for a new platform that would simplify reporting, track historical remediation progress and provide customized client access. Due to their focus on putting accessibility programs in place to eventually be managed by clients themselves, Nebula Media Group wanted a platform that both streamlined their existing work while also allowing their clients to eventually become self-sufficient in making their sites more accessible. 

“Nebula Media Group is continuously looking for ways to provide an efficient end to end accessibility service that entails providing our clients with the tools and education needed to maintain accessibility compliance. Crownpeak’s DQM platform provides the necessary data which helps us determine where we need to focus our efforts while providing clients with live access into where they currently sit in the accessibility journey” Said Will Bubenik, CEO at Nebula Media Group. 

“We often see organizations unsure where to start when it comes to creating an accessibility program and specialty agencies like Nebula Media Group provide a great blueprint to improve the accessibility performance of their clients’ sites on a short term and continuous basis. Their comprehensive services combined with Crownpeak’s continuous scanning platform gives Nebula Media Group clients everything they need to create and execute a successful long term accessibility program” said Chris Sigala, Chief of Staff and General Manager, Digital Quality Management at Crownpeak 

This recent partnership has allowed Nebula Media Group’s client base of small to medium businesses and non-profit organizations to create more inclusive web experiences for their collective consumer base. 

About Crownpeak

Crownpeak provides the leading digital experience platform. The industry's only true SaaS-based solution, Crownpeak offers best-in-breed capabilities that empower companies to create, deploy and optimize omnichannel digital experiences – faster and easier than ever, and with zero infrastructure to maintain.

Crownpeak also provides built-in solutions for digital governance and digital quality management. Relied on by the world's top brands, these solutions make it easy for organizations to address WCAG and ADA accessibility compliance across their digital properties – while improving SEO, reducing bounce rates, increasing brand equity and enhancing user experiences. With Crownpeak, companies can deliver high-impact, trust-building, accessible experiences at scale – improving engagement, loyalty and revenue. For more information, please visit 

About Nebula Media Group 

Nebula Media Group creates customized digital accessibility solutions for your business. Accessibility is at the core of everything they do. Their suite of digital accessibility products and services are designed to provide equal access, enhance the user experience for all, and provide sustainable, results-driven accessibility solutions for any business or organization with an online presence.