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Crownpeak Products

  • Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit)
  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Digital Accessibility and Quality

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Strategic Services

Experience Design / UX / Creative, Crownpeak Architecture / Developer / Implementation, Content Quality (SEO, Accessibility, etc.), eCommerce, Data Governance / Consent Management, Systems Integrations


asioso is a digital agency based in Munich. They combine the strategic and professional consulting, combined with creative competence and technological expertise.

The key factor is to link the brand positively and sustainably with the customer in order to strengthen brand loyalty. Whether you do lead generation, obtaining information, buying or servicing. All relevant touchpoints must always be operated consistently and functionally. In addition to many years of experience in digital business, our experts have internationally recognized project management and leadership experience and certifications.

Our Experience

Ergosign offers long-standing project experience, profound industry knowledge and a tried and tested approach focusing on the user. On this base, we also account for long-term project visions and assume responsibilities towards customers, employees and business partners.

Our team of UX experts elaborates solutions that are as elegant as they are smart, characterized by simple and intuitive interaction and outstanding user experience. With their analytical competencies and creativity, our staff creates innovative user interfaces that excite users and customers.