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Crownpeak Products

  • Crownpeak CMS (FirstSpirit)
  • SmartSearch
  • Digital Accessibility and Quality
  • Personalization

Locations Served

Europe, North America

Strategic Services

Crownpeak Architecture / Developer / Implementation, eCommerce, Systems Integrations

Neo Reply

Neo Reply is the company within the Reply Group specialized in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).As an Advanced Partner of Crownpeak we realize tailored DXP strategies and solutions together with our customers and accompany them from conception and planning to architecture and successful implementation frontend and backend.

We offer many years of comprehensive expertise in template and module development, integration of an existing system landscape, AI-powered personalization, search technologies, and e-commerce integrations. In addition, one of our core competencies is the migration of existing FirstSpirit projects to the Crownpeak SaaS Offering.