Less stress, more security

A SaaS Digital Experience Management platform that enables you to modernize your web presence without ripping or replacing anything

Decoupled architecture Crownpeak
Decoupled architecture
Enterprise-grade for limitless flexibility

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management platform is architected to separate the content management function from content delivery, allowing content in any format to be deployed into any environment. With this level of adaptability, you can:

  • Join your mission-critical line of business applications and third party services regardless of their platform or technology.
  • Deploy new projects seamlessly alongside your Crownpeak implementation or in conjunction with your existing CMS product.
  • Publish content you’ve created within the Crownpeak DXM platform and deploy it to any touchpoint in the world, regardless of the language or technology including any mobile device, kiosk, ATM, digital signage platform or IoT device.

Old and New Technology
Mix and match old and new technology
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

You don’t have to replace your existing system in order to upgrade your digital experiences. Sure, you can re-platform your entire digital management solution but Crownpeak DXM offers other options.

The platform integrates with any third party system – another CMS, a proprietary application or third party service provider – giving you the ability to rewrap the look and feel of your experiences without changing the underlying technology.

And when it comes to regulatory compliance, Crownpeak can meet any special requirements of the web hosting environment, data backup, recovery and more.

Maintain Control Target
Maintain control
Pinpoint who gets access to what

Improve efficiency by empowering the departments around you to work within their area of expertise, while maintaining control of the overall IT environment.

  • Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data, security, and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce the burden of constant help tickets by giving marketing control over the front-end design and content publishing without risk.
  • Unleash multiple agency resources to work within a single interoperable platform without getting in each other’s way.

Cyber Security Threat
Unmatched Cyber Security
Protecting and Defending Against Layer 3,4, and Layer-7 Attacks

Crownpeak's Advanced Cybersecurity and Edge Protection service provides a defensive perimeter that protects sites and applications from a wide range of Layer 3,4 (network layer) and Layer 7 (application layer) attacks, spam bots and vulnerability exploits. 

At the core of the  Advanced Cybersecurity and Edge Protection service is a fully managed, scalable Web Application Firewall that can bolster the security of any site or application:

  • Common SQL injection (SQLi), Cross-site scripting (XSS) and other request-based exploitation and HTTP violation attempts
  • Blocking of nefarious bots and automated vulnerability scanning platforms
  • Detection and blocking of volumetric attacks - both network layer (e.g. TCP flood, UDP reflection) and application layer (e.g. HTTP Flood).
  • Traffic originating from recognized sources of professional spam or cyber-crime operations (used for dissemination of malware, trojan downloaders, botnet controllers, exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities).

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The challenges we solve for IT professionals

Accelerating Launches
Accelerating website launches

Launch brand spanking new enterprise-quality digital experiences with speed, in as little as six weeks

Modernize Legacy
Modernizing legacy applications

Rewrap your legacy applications in a shiny new presentation layer while preserving functionality

Multi-site Management
Streamlining multi-site management

Manage an unlimited number of distributed digital touchpoints anywhere in the world.

Padlock Icon
Optimizing security

Every level of content and technology in Crownpeak is protected by configurable controls

scalability icon
Ensuring scalability & availability

As a SaaS platform, you can easily scale experiences up or down based on demand

Localization icon
Empowering global deployment & localization

Deploy culturally-relevant websites in local markets while managing global control

Why application leaders cannot meet market needs with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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