Deliver digital interactions that rival the in-person experience

As customer behavior shifts away from human interaction and towards web-based engagement, Crownpeak offers a solution that bridges the past with the future.

Financial services buildings

Modernize the CX

Build customer trust and loyalty in the digital era

Your customers want access to their accounts anytime, anywhere and without security risks. At the same time, your business needs to attract new customers including the ever-elusive millennial generation.

Crownpeak DXM empowers you to build self-service digital interactions that enable your customers to access their accounts and get information about products, while giving you the ability to cross-sell existing relationships and target new prospects.

Our flexible architecture and experience in the financial services sector gives us the ability to do just about anything required to help your business succeed digitally, including:

  • Create secure portals that connect your existing systems and databases without ripping and replacing them.
  • Create and deploy content to hundreds of websites as well as ATMs, in-branch kiosks or any other digital touchpoint regardless of the technology behind it.
  • Update the look and feel of your digital experiences by wrapping them in a shiny new presentation layer, without disrupting any of the technology that currently supports them.
  • Identify visitors and personalize content based on a variety of user data while complying with banking and insurance industry regulations.
  • Ensure all your digital experiences are consistent across desktop and mobile devices, regardless of their platform or technology.

Because we continuously enhance our products based on the needs of our customers, we’re extremely popular with highly regulated global companies in the insurance and financial sectors. We also offer the following regulatory compliance and enterprise governance support services:

  • Archive Management
  • Content Governance
  • Deep Application Monitoring
  • Enhanced Data Security
  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Orphan Identification
  • Workflow with Audit Trail


“Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. chose Crownpeak over the competition because of Crownpeak’s ease of use, reduction of IT maintenance, and security and compliance needs."

Trevor Middleton | Managing Director, Marketing | Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.
Our Strengths
Here are some of the more popular web content management challenges we solve for financial service companies.
Icon of archaic building
Modernizing legacy applications

Update and join your existing backend systems without rewriting them

Diagram of multiple websites
Streamlining multi-site management

Manage hundreds of websites and other digital experiences from one platform

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Optimizing security

Protect your organization’s information and your customer data

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Ensuring scalability & availability

Easily grow your digital footprint up or down to support demand

Why application leaders cannot meet market needs with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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