Developer Experience

Develop the way you want, using your preferred stacks, languages and tools

Get the flexibility you need

With built-in headless SDKs for the most popular web development frameworks and full support for all back-end languages, Crownpeak gives developers the flexibility to create using the right language for the job at hand. And, with full CMS capabilities, marketing will be able to use low-code/no-code solutions to maintain and create new experiences on any channel.

  • Cloud native, SaaS, decoupled 
  • Publish any format to any location 
  • Content modeling
  • Component-based design
  • API and microservice architecture 

Built for the modern tech stack

DXM is a cloud-native platform, built for agility and extensibility, allowing you to create structured content for omnichannel experiences from a central hub. Use our flexible architecture to develop the way you want and to meet your business demands. Integrate with the technology you need on the back-end, at the edge, or on the client using RESTful APIs, out-of-the-box integrations, or customized solutions to work with legacy applications. 

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Headless 2.0: All the flexibility, none of the limitations

DXM goes beyond what a headless-only CMS can offer and uniquely combines the flexibility of a headless CMS, a full-featured content editing experience for marketers, and enterprise-grade capabilities.

Learn more about Headless 2.0

javaScript sdks for headless development
Focus on functionality, not the marketing backlog

Use our SDKs to automate the creation of components, templates, and models that marketers can use to construct and assemble experiences independently. They get a full-featured authoring experience; your team gets to focus on building new functionality instead. 

Integrate with any system

Take advantage of DXM’s extensibility by easily integrating with any in-house or third-party system. Use our toolkits and accelerators to rapidly develop integrations.

Learn more about DXM integrations

Best-in-class security

Build experiences securely using federated authentication, access control lists, workflow management, and data encryption.

Learn more about DXM security

“We were promised stability in terms of our deployment and our infrastructure, and we got that! We were promised a very flexible platform, and we have that! Scalability is huge for us, given the pace the corporation is planning to grow, and Crownpeak has proven that it can accommodate growth well into the future. Crownpeak was absolutely the right answer.”

Engineered for high performance

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Our content delivery services have been optimized for speed at the edge using cloud hosting and a global CDN. Choose from multiple framework configurations.


Learn more about content delivery services

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Serverless content delivery scales to handle any traffic spikes without any server management or time lag.


Learn more about DXM scalability

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Digital experiences delivered by Crownpeak are highly available with SLA-guaranteed 99.9% uptime and continuous replication for redundancy at each tier.


Learn about our enhanced SLA

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