A digital experience platform designed for high-profile CPG, e-commerce, and retail brands

Manage multiple brands and websites from a single platform with built-in digital governance.

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Build and deploy digital experiences with agility while ensuring brand integrity across channels

With responsibility for managing multiple brands across a variety of channels and regions, marketers at CPG and retail multinationals are under the gun to produce digital experiences that break through the clutter and maintain brand integrity.

Messaging, offers, and product specs must be accurate and consistent. The user experience needs to meet customer demand for precise product search and filtering functionality, relevant suggestions, and deliver personalized digital experiences based on behavior. To comply with evolving web accessibility and privacy laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), digital governance needs to be part of the process.

It’s a tall order for senior executives and brand managers, and a challenge that is becoming more complex as the digital landscape balloons.

Crownpeak Digital Experience Management (DXM) helps marketers herd the moving parts by facilitating omni-channel and multisite management, and providing automated built-in automated digital governance tools.

By combining a set of standard checkpoints for web accessibility and SEO, as well as custom ones based on your organization’s unique corporate guidelines and industry regulations, Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) automates the quality assurance process.

At Crownpeak, we believe that transparency and privacy are key to building deeper connections with customers. Crownpeak Universal Consent Platform provides companies with easy-to-implement privacy control tools that instill user trust, and comply with the GDPR.

For large enterprises in CPG, retail, or e-commerce, a traditional content management system and manual quality assurance isn’t enough. You need the ability to update content quickly and feel confident that your brand guidelines are being followed, and that the experiences comply with an ever-expanding set of regulations.

Some of the highlights of Crownpeak’s Digital Experience Management platform include:

  • Manage hundreds of websites and other digital touchpoints from one platform
  • Create and deploy new websites and microsites without a technical skillset
  • Automated monitoring of WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines and Section 508 accessibility guidelines
  • Set up workflows so that corporate can approve content before it is published
  • Implement advanced search functionality to filter and sort by product, brand, price, attributes, reviews and autofill suggest search terms based on other searches and user history
  • Manage a global web presence with built-in translation tools and workflows
  • Add custom quality assurance checkpoints to ensure correct logos, legal lines and approved brand colors are used
  • Identify visitors and personalize content based on a variety of user data while complying with privacy laws around the world
Why CPG Likes Crownpeak
We solve a variety of needs for consumer-facing companies in the CPG, retail and e-commerce business. Here are some we’re particularly adept at:
 Streamlining multi-site management
Streamlining multi-site management

Manage your whole portfolio of websites from one platform

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Ensuring scalability & availability

Rapidly add new websites and digital channels to support your growth

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Empowering global deployment & localization

Create and deploy digital experiences from a global and local level

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Automated digital governance tools

Comply with a labyrinth of privacy and web accessibility laws

Why application leaders cannot meet market needs with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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