Crownpeak has designed the new user interface with goals to address the feedback from our customers, our partners, and the CMS user community. Here's what to expect from V3, the new UI.


Author first

The User Interface (UI) layer of the platform is a large and sophisticated application.  Since there are hundreds of features to support, Crownpeak has divided these features into six parts to allow a timely release. 

We will have two phases each of the Author, Administrator, and Developer oriented features.  Our goal at the end is a full flagship replacement of the Volte and Classic user interfaces.

Responsive and lightweight

Responsive both in terms of performance, as well as design.

Out of Silverlight and into the browser

The new UI is based on HTML5 and CSS3, as well as the latest web technologies and modern frameworks such as Angular.js, Jade, Less, Bootstrap and Typescript.

Designed for desktop and tablet devices

The new UI is designed from the ground up to support Desktop and Tablet devices.

Easy to navigate

Based on your feedback, we wanted the new UI to be easy to navigate, with features that are easy to discover and intuitive to use.

Backwards compatible

What works in Volte would work in the new UI.   An upgrade path is not required.

New features

  • Persona-based panels.  The static Volte right hand accordion has been replaced with user configurable panels that can be arranged into Workspaces to suit each user’s needs and preferences.
  • Workspaces. To help you get started, we’re launching with a number of pre-configured workspaces with the right panels ideally arranged to provide you with the most efficient UI experience.
  • Product Tour. An interactive tour is included to introduce the UI. The tour can be launched at anytime, in order to help reduce training costs and improve new user effectiveness.
  • Multiple documents. We have added an often requested feature to have multiple documents open for simultaneous editing in the CMS, so that editors can more quickly make changes in multiple locations.
  • Digital Asset Management Panel. Users now have direct access to all digital assets.


We have gathered lots of great ideas that we plan to introduce with our monthly releases, as we always have.

V3 will benefit from the same 11-releases per year agile development methodology currently employed for our User Interface. Volte, and V3 will employ a multi-phased delivery cycle focused on three personas.

  1. Author: Focused on Content Creation, Editing and Publishing.
  2. Developer: focused on template, model and component configuration.
  3. Admin: Focused on CMS settings, access permissions, user/group configurations, and reports.

Each of these personas will have at least two phases:

  1. Author phase 1, is scheduled for general availability this September.
  2. Admin, Developer, and as well as additional Author persona features will be released in later phases throughout nest year.