We'll take a look at how to manage your images using the DAM panel and using drag and drop to upload images into pages.


DAM panel

The DAM panel is visible if you select the panel itself from the View menu or when you select the editor workspace.

The context of the DAM panel changes based on the current folder selected in the file view panel.

You can double-click on the file, folder icon or name to select and change the context.

The name of the current folder is visible next to the globe in the file view panel.

The images visible in the DAM panel will always be displayed from this folder and below.

You can see the images change as you select folders higher in the tree.

You can change the layout view to grid, list and full view.

If you need to see more images, you can use the arrow in the top right corner to expand the DAM panel to the full width of the workspace and resize the images from there.

To access images from DAM, they must be uploaded into the CMS ahead of time.  Currently you are not able to bulk upload images directly in V3, so please use the functionality in Volte that allows you to drag or select multiple images for upload. 

Drag and drop images into pages

Once the upload has been completed, you can drag image from the DAM panel into an inline image field or an image upload field in form mode.

In inline mode, when you drag an image over an available field, an arrow will appear indicating that you can drop it.

After dropping, you will see the image immediately in the page. Make sure to save to confirm the change.

In form mode, you can drag an image from the panel over an available image picker field and drop.

You can also open the image picker and browse for images in the instance using list, thumbnail or full view to browse for an image.

In the image picker, choose the Upload option to drag and drop images directly into the page.

Choose the image from your desktop and drag it to the field.

Once you click to select you'll see the image refresh in the form preview.

Save to confirm.