Since we have moved away from Silverlight and are back in the browser, no installation is required.


Browser requirements

The web frameworks we’re using require the latest browsers including

  • IE 11.
  • Safari.
  • Chrome.

These are the browsers V3 supports.

For information on installation requirements for V3 and all of the user interfaces and Desktop Connection tools, please refer to the System Configuration Guide, available on Connect.

Access and logging in

To access the V3 UI, you will go to your instance URL and include the /V3 at the end (click)

For example, the V3 URL for the training and demos instance is

The key is the /V3 at the end. This will take you to the V3 login screen

You'll use the same username and password you use today.


Our QA team has tested on PCs and Macs, and both will  be first class platforms. V3 will launch with TinyMCE support, but other editors will be considered for future releases. Mobile device support will be available in Author Phase 2, once the UI is optimized for Touch.

Keep in mind, all current features remain available and fully functional in Volte, our current UI.

Requirements for drag and drop editing

The new Drag and Drop editing experience is component-based, and therefore, the majority of existing customer templates will require updating to support the experience.

Currently, this experience is being refined so you can start to play with this feature in a couple of ways

  1. Contact for access the Beta instance. There is a library of components and drag and drop available there.
  2. Contact Customer Success at for more information on creating a custom example using your templates and available components.

Enabling V3

V3 will be available globally on September 22. However, before you can actually access your content, we recommend a controlled release to a select set of users.

The controlled release process will follow these steps:

  • Contact Crownpeak support with a list of V3 users.
  • Support will share training materials for the September 28th webinar.
  • Support will enable login access by user .

Once users can access the system, we suggest the following to familiarize themselves with V3:

  • Start by experimenting on a new page by either creating new or branching an existing asset.
  • Validate that you can edit and publish.
  • Once you confirm there are no unexpected issues, you can decide if you want use it as a replacement for tasks you now complete in Volte.

If you encounter V3 issues, contact They will respond to questions and provide information to assist with issues.