With the Info panel and Publishing Monitor, you will keep track of the publishing triggered through the Workflow. 


The notification and publishing monitors are now located at the top of the UI to support mobile devices.

Without re-loading or refreshing the UI, the publishing monitor notifies you of the publishing event, and provides real-time status updates.

Note the additional notification for Saving and Workflow changes including:

  • Error notifications.
  • Workflow notifications.
  • Save.

The information panel is available for detailed information on publishing events.

  • Use the “add” feature to customize information shared in the panel, including last publish date.

Once you have saved your updates and are ready to publish, you will use the Workflow menu to deploy content.

  • The workflow dropdown is available in the Action bar, as well as in the Edit menu and by right-clicking when the item is selected in the File view panel.
  • New or branched content will be in the Draft state.
  • Use the workflow dropdown to deploy to Stage and to deploy live. Options will depend on your configuration.

In the workflow dropdown, you also have the option to publish without dependencies.  Dependencies are the interconnections created by linked content. Publishing an asset will also trigger publishing of dependent content. When testing it is often helpful to turn this off.

Once you select Stage or Live, select the Publishing Monitor.

You'll be able to view progress in real time and confirm publishing.

Select the Cancel link just below the current publishing job to stop the publishing session.

Please note detailed publishing reports are still available in Volte.

Once deployed, used the Last Published URLs to view on the server.