When you need to create new pages and sections, you will use Models. This is the same as Classic and Volte today.


File menu and file view panel

The options to create new content now appear in the File menu.

In the File View panel, double-click into the folder where you want to create your new content. If you single-click, you select and change the content of the information panel.

When you double-click, it opens the folder, changes the context of the Top menu and your options for content creation.

In the File View panel you'll use the left arrows to expand the tree view and see what files and folders are available.

Double-click on the folder icon or name to change the context.

The name of the current folder (and therefore, context) is visible next to the globe in the File View panel.

If you need additional details on items in the panel, use the arrow in the top right corner of the panel to expand.

Once you have this context selected and visible next to the globe in the File View panel, go to the File menu and choose the new option.

In the new menu you will see an option for models.

Creating new content with models

Models are configured by your template developer so you can create pages, sections and even sites using the templates, access properties and workflow configured for you.

In the example in the video demo, I'll choose the Sandbox option under New > Model. This is an example of how a new section would be created.

Next, I have several page options that use different templates and allow me to create different types of pages. For this example I'll choose the standard contact page.

Now I can use the Form, Preview and Inline options to add content to the page.

I can use the DAM panel to select images.

Once I am happy I will use the Save option in the Action bar to confirm.

Now that we have created a section and page, we'll take a closer look at publishing them in the next video.