For your existing pages, you'll use the Inline or Form editing modes to add and edit page content.


When you double-click to open a page, it will open in the Preview mode. You have 2 editing options when you are ready to add and edit page content. For your existing pages, use

  • Inline.
  • Form.

For pages with the upcoming drag and drop field, you will also be able to use the drag and drop content mode in Inline once we complete our refinements.
For now, we will focus on the Inline and Form modes.
When in preview, you will choose Inline or Form from the Action bar

Inline mode

This allows you to click on and edit the content within Text Box, Wysiwyg, and Image controls.

Rolling over images and text exposes editable fields.

You'll see a cog in the left corner to indicate they can be changed.

We'll demonstrate the ability to drag images into fields in the next chapter.

For text fields you will Click to position your cursor and begin entering text.

You'll do the same in WYSIWYG fields, but you will also see TinyMCE formatting options above the field.

These options allow you to:

  • Bold, Italic, Underline.
  • Create lists.
  • Insert links and images.

The Inline version of the WYSIWYG presents a standard set of controls - in other words, unlike the version seen in the form mode, it is not configurable by the template developer. The inline WYSIWYG field always shows the same options.

We've chosen this approach to create the best possible experience in inline mode, but we are ready to hear feedback and requests for changes and improvements.

Form mode

When you want to jump into form mode, you will click the cog to go directly to the current field or choose Form option from the action bar.

Now that you're in form mode you have access to all of the form field types you are familiar with from Volte including text box, WYSIWYG and image fields as well as panels and tabs etc.

The view can be easily expanded or collapsed from the options in the action bar.

For example, from the form view, you also have access to manage WCO snippets and targeting groups.

When you enable the Marketing workspace and review this page, you are able to use the WCO targeting panel to look at the variants.

And of course, you can edit all the available fields from this view.

In both modes, once you are satisfied with your changes, you will save and return to Preview to see your updates.

You will know there is an edit to save because of the star next to the file name in the tab.

Once saved, you will see the content refreshed in the preview mode.