Introducing the new user interface – V3.

Ready to transform how you use DXM? Take a tour of the new features.

Editing content in V3

After reviewing this guide, all users, whether new to Crownpeak or veterans, content marketers or developers - will understand the core features and what’s to come in future releases.

Chapter 2
Chapter 1: Requirements to use

Learn the browser requirements, access and login steps, and transitioning from older versions of the CMS in this introductory video.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Branching in V3

As the first editing example, we'll look at branching to edit an existing page and then publishing your changes.

Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Inline and Form Editing Mode

For your existing pages, you'll use the Inline or Form editing modes to add and edit page content.

Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Managing Images

We'll take a look at how to manage your images using the DAM panel and using quick and easy drag and drop to upload images into pages.

Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Editing Images in V3

We'll explore how to edit images within the CMS, using our built-in image editing tool.  

Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Drag and Drop Editing

We’ll explore how content editors can  rapidly transform your digital experiences by using Crownpeak’s Drag and Drop editing features.

Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Creating New Sections and Pages

Models are configured by your template developer so you can create pages, sections and even sites using the templates, access properties and workflow configured for you. 

Chapter 8: Publishing

In this chapter, we will review the Info panel and Publishing Monitor, where you keep track of the publishing triggered through the Workflow.  

Additional V3 resources

For additional information to help you get started, please check out these resources available in the Developer Center: