Introducing the new user interface – V3.

Ready to transform how you use DXM? Take a tour of the new features.

Editing content in V3

After reviewing this guide, all users, whether new to Crownpeak or veterans, content marketers or developers - will understand the core features and what’s to come in future releases.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1: What to expect

Crownpeak has designed the new user interface with goals to address the feedback from our customers, our partners, and the CMS user community. Here's what to expect from V3, the new UI.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Requirements to use

Since we have moved away from Silverlight and are back in the browser, no installation is required.

Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Branch to edit a live page

As the first editing example, we'll look at branching to edit an existing page and then publishing your changes.

Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Using inline and form editing modes

For your existing pages, you'll use the Inline or Form editing modes to add and edit page content.

Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Uploading images

We'll take a look at how to manage your images using the DAM panel and using quick and easy drag and drop to upload images into pages.

Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Creating new pages and sections

When you need to create new pages and sections, you will use Models. This is the same as Classic and Volte today.

Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Reviewing your content and publishing live

With the Info panel and Publishing Monitor, you will keep track of the publishing triggered through the Workflow.

Additional V3 resources

For additional information to help you get started, please check out these resources available in the Developer Center: