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Advanced workflow and reporting tools that empower Leaders to manage cross-functional teams effectively as they increase revenue and pipeline.

Increase Revenue & Pipeline
Increase Revenue & Pipeline
Deliver more revenue, faster, by creating and launching 3-5x the speed of a traditional CMS.
Test Instead of Guess
Test Instead of Guess
Drive with confidence, with the data-driven tools you need for a winning digital strategy.
Work Smarter
Work Smarter
Custom workflow settings help you manage cross-functional teams to achieve unified results more simply.

Industry-leading tools to help Marketers easily create and deliver global, omnichannel lead generating campaigns faster than ever.

Increase Lead Generation
Increase Lead Generation
Create seamless, omnichannel campaigns that drive demand, filling your pipeline with quality leads.
Use Your Own Marketing Tools
Use Your Own Marketing Tools
Robust interoperability between marketing tools means you can use your favorite 3rd party applications.
Ensure Global Consistency
Ensure Global Consistency
Onboard translation allows you to implement campaign globalization and localization with ease.

An agile, secure, future-proof technology platform, that makes integrations a breeze and has zero infrastructure to maintain.

World-Class Security
World-Class Security
Maintain a safe, stable platform with our industry-leading standards for security and regulatory compliance.
Bring Your Own Code
Bring Your Own Code
Use the coding language your teams likes and knows to create expectational digital experiences.
Eliminate Maintenance Costs
Eliminate Maintenance Costs
Slash costs and free resources with hassle-free upgrades and zero infrastructure to maintain.

Crownpeak DXM enables far greater content throughput, and shorter time-to-market, which drives more positive business outcomes.

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Deliver enterprise digital experiences with the industry’s fastest time-to-market.
  • Page Creation

    Crownpeak enables you to move quicker than any other platform. Work autonomously of development, with confidence to deliver engaging digital experiences faster than ever before. 

  • Personalization

    Automatically optimize content performance using AI-powered personalization and testing algorithms. Simply set your optimization goals and let Crownpeak’s Experience Optimization Engine select top performing variations for effortless optimization.

  • Quality Assurance

    Crownpeak automatically verifies all content before it is published for SEO, brand standards, and tag management, giving you first-mover advantage without the risk. 

Find out how seamless, fast, global, omnichannel campaigns can improve your lead generation and customer LTV results.

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B2B SaaS Marketing 

B2B SaaS marketing is essential for those working in the B2B SaaS space. B2B SaaS marketing examples include a business’s efforts to sell payment software to another business and a company promoting their digital experience software to another company in their industry. It’s important for B2B companies to constantly be on the lookout for SaaS trends so that they can stay on top of the latest SaaS news and tech. For instance, video and feature marketing are two trends that have recently emerged and are set to rise in popularity in the coming years. 

A B2B enterprise SaaS marketing organization, and SaaS marketing groups in general, can benefit from using a digital experience platform (DXP). Such platforms enable the creation and deployment of digital experiences. Crownpeak is a digital experience platform that makes it possible for users to compose omnichannel digital experiences with speed and simplicity. The platform offers a number of features, such as a hybrid headless CMS, content-driven commerce, digital quality management, and AI-powered personalization and experience optimization. With Crownpeak you can deliver premium quality digital experiences, streamline your processes and take greater control of your content across channels.  

With Crownpeak’s agile SaaS DXP, users enjoy implementation speeds that are 80% faster than other enterprise digital experience platforms. A DXP like Crownpeak can be a game-changer for B2B SaaS marketers as they strive to keep up with industry trends and deliver better content and user experiences. As the B2B SaaS world grows even more competitive, it will be imperative for businesses to look for ways to transform their digital content to meet the expectations of modern audiences. It’s important to stay ahead of the game and try to deliver better experiences before your competitors get around to doing so. Crownpeak is one such DXP that can help elevate your B2B SaaS efforts and allow you to achieve your business goals. 

B2B SaaS Marketing Examples 

B2B SaaS marketing examples encompass a number of scenarios, so it can be useful to do your research to see exactly how B2B SaaS marketing works, or should work. One of your B2B SaaS marketing goals might be to reach X number of businesses by a certain date. If you’re particularly ambitious, you might aim to actually sell your software to a certain number of companies by a deadline. There are many different approaches you can take to B2B SaaS marketing, and what’s useful for one business may not be useful for another. So much depends on your business offerings and what you’re ultimately hoping to accomplish with your efforts. 

A SaaS marketing strategy example might be to generate more organic traffic through competitive keywords. Your strategy doesn’t necessarily have to be complex in order for you to see results; you just have to put the right measures in place and take full advantage of the resources you have access to. However, if you’re shooting for a more lofty goal, it makes sense that your strategy may involve more work. Ultimately, you should model your marketing efforts after examples and strategies that are best aligned with your business goals and what you want to get out of your B2B SaaS marketing activities. The agility and flexibility of your CMS or DXP will be key to delivering on your SaaS marketing goals and keeping pace with your markets. 

One of the ways that B2B SaaS marketers can quickly roll out large-scale DXPs is by using a Software-as-a-Service DXP like Crownpeak, which is great for savvy SaaS businesses. With Crownpeak you can accomplish several different marketing goals, including driving higher traffic rates, more visitors and more conversions. And because Crownpeak’s hybrid headless architecture is designed for interoperability, you can make the most out of your pre-existing marketing tools. These are just a few of the reasons that B2B SaaS companies use and trust Crownpeak to help them deliver high quality, competitive digital experiences. 

SaaS Marketing Strategy 

As part of your SaaS marketing strategy, you should consider how to implement your DXP for maximum results. One SaaS marketing strategy example might involve acquiring additional SaaS tools and capabilities to expand your martech stack and enhance your existing marketing activities.  

There are a number of different B2B SaaS marketing strategies that you might model your own strategy after, but it’s important to look ahead to determine whether or not a certain process is ultimately going to benefit your business in the long run.  

When devising your B2B SaaS marketing strategy, it can be helpful to follow a template or guide to ensure you are hitting on all the critical aspects that make up a successful strategy. You can, of course, tailor this template to match your unique business, but following a pre-set outline can remind you of important points and help keep you on track as you go about implementing your strategy. In short, while there are many ways to design a SaaS marketing strategy, at the end of the day, your strategy should reflect your business goals and be tailored to your needs and capabilities.  

B2B SaaS Marketing Channels 

It’s generally a good idea to utilize as many B2B SaaS marketing channels as possible. This way, you’ll be able to reach a much broader audience in their preferred channels. B2B marketing channels can open many doors for your business, so you should aim to get your content in front of as many people as you can. Some of the best (and most common) B2B marketing channels include direct mail, email marketing, and social media. With more people conducting business online, now is a great time to extend your outreach efforts in the digital space. However, another great B2B distribution channel example is conferences. These can be a useful avenue for those that regularly attend in-person meetings. 

B2B lead generation channels include, perhaps most importantly, content marketing. While virtually all B2B SaaS marketers recognize the importance of building brand loyalty and trust with their customers, the process of actually creating and implementing content to make that happen hasn’t always yielded desired outcomes. This is why, going forward, more and more B2B SaaS companies are likely to really focus their attention on creating quality, captivating content that accomplishes a purpose. They are becoming more sophisticated and deliberate about the way they deliver content to their target personas. 

Using a headless CMS like Crownpeak for omnichannel experiences can enable you to easily publish content through multiple channels thanks to its flexible API-first architecture. Basically, a headless API decouples front-end and back-end development, allowing you to freely publish marketing content across channels. With Crownpeak you can publish content to all of your digital touchpoints, which can be incredibly convenient for multi-channel marketers targeting multiple channels, platforms and devices. Those looking to up their omnichannel game can find great value in using a platform like Crownpeak to create and publish quality content to a number of audiences in their preferred formats and locations.   

SaaS Marketing Mix 

There are many types of B2B channels, and you should aim for a SaaS marketing mix in order to get the most out of your efforts and reach as many people as possible. Some companies may choose to take an email marketing approach, where others might find the most value in focusing their attention on social media outreach. The right B2B channel marketing strategy will depend on your business, but it’s always wise to have a healthy mix of channels through which you promote your marketing efforts.  

Crownpeak’s user-friendly platform enables marketers to create omnichannel digital experiences directly and to utilize omnichannel behavioral insights to target audiences with personalized digital experiences. With Crownpeak’s Headless 2.0 CMS editors have the powerful enterprise tools and WYSIWYG interface they need to model their content using different layouts, ensuring it is optimized for each channel before distributing it. What’s more, thanks to the headless nature of the platform, developers have the freedom to use their preferred frameworks enabling them to deliver new omnichannel experiences with speed. The platform is built for flexibility, allowing users to use their preferred technology in order to build and deploy quality content experiences. These features can be helpful to both marketers and IT when trying to diversify your multi-channel marketing efforts. 

Best SaaS Marketing 

The best SaaS marketing strategies encompass everything from how to reach target audiences to what types of content to use for best results. Similarly, the best B2B SaaS marketing campaigns rely on various marketing strategies—such as a robust social media presence and the use of digital marketing tools—to achieve campaign goals. A B2B SaaS marketing plan template can be used as inspiration for how to create an effective marketing plan that works for your business and helps you accomplish your unique objectives. In the world of SaaS marketing there are many items that need to be taken into account, so it can be useful to follow a guide or template to ensure that you include all that you need to. Ideally, your marketing efforts should follow SaaS best practices, but also allow you to achieve your individual business goals. 

But why is SaaS marketing different from regular marketing? First, unlike traditional marketing, SaaS marketing does not offer a tangible product, so it’s important that marketers explain the benefits of the software in a way that audiences can understand. They might also consider partnering with another business for cross-promotion opportunities. Without a physical product to sell, SaaS marketers need to get creative about how to advertise their services. This can prove challenging, which is why SaaS marketing is often considered more complex than regular marketing.