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omni-channel experiences

Launching Omnichannel Experiences

Any message, any medium

With a rapidly evolving digital landscape, brands need to stay connected with their customers no matter where they are or what device they’re using at any given moment.

The challenge is, how do you deliver consistent experiences across a multitude of channels supported by a vast number of constantly changing technologies?

From email to apps and mobile devices to smart TVs, marketers need a solution that empowers them to manage all their digital channels without forcing the rewriting or re-platforming of every technology they need to run their business.

Our decoupled architecture makes it possible to:

  • Integrate all your external experiences and touchpoints so they can interact together from a centralized platform.
  • Create content within the Crownpeak platform and push it to any device, platform or application no matter what technology or language it was created in.
  • Define a custom layout and presentation of content for any channel within the Crownpeak platform and publish it anywhere.
  • Repurpose any type of content you’ve created for one channel and deploy it to multiple channels without additional work.

Additionally, Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM), one of the hallmark features of Crownpeak DXM, ensures quality control over all content created within the Crownpeak platform, regardless of the channel where it’s published.

  • Automated DQM crawls all your content and generates a report on all issues including (but not limited to): broken links, misspellings, accessibility issues, regulatory violations and more.
  • The solution comes with a list of standard checkpoints derived from best practices, and the ability to create custom checkpoints based on the unique needs of your organization and industry.
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"Meridian Health increased content consumption by greater than 75% since launching on Crownpeak."

Darian O’Reilly | Digital Marketing Specialist | Meridian Health
Why application leaders cannot meet market needs with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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