Multi-site Management

Publish content to all of them from a single platform

Quickly deploy multiple enterprise websites all over the world, adding more as you need them, while ensuring every experience is consistent.

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Multi-site management

Less chaos, more control

Managing hundreds of websites and digital experiences across markets, regions and countries, while maintaining compliance presents a labyrinth of challenges.

There’s a need to maintain corporate control at a global level, while at the same time permitting local teams to tailor content and run marketing campaigns in the markets where they have responsibility. 

Without the right system in place, it’s a colossal undertaking. Crownpeak DXM and DQM solutions meet this need head-on by providing:

  • A single interface with a joined up view of all your digital experiences             

Connect all your website management solutions and applications and manage them centrally from a single platform. Because we built our platform to be technology-agnostic, it doesn’t matter what the underlying technology is that you're currently using – we can bridge them together.

  • Fast and easy scalability

Add new websites quickly with little to no dev time and without incurring additional costs. Once you subscribe to the Crownpeak platform, you can scale up your digital experiences without paying a penny more. 

  • The capability to leverage content across multiple websites

With Crownpeak, you create content once and then publish only to the touchpoints where you want it to appear – that may be 2 or 3 sites, or 100 sites – without creating a new project or copying and pasting. You can even tweak the content for each channel based on the needs or regulations of the local market.

  • Automated quality control in order to deliver consistency and quality

Crownpeak DQM crawls all your digital experiences and compares them to a list of standard and unique checkpoints you can configure based on your industry. All errors and inconsistencies are flagged by site and then page, so your team can fix them efficiently. The deep integration between Crownpeak DXM & DQM platforms ensures that your content authors are made aware of best practice content violations, even before publishing!

  • Unlimited numbers of partners and projects

Enterprise companies often work with multiple agencies and partners. Our decoupled deployment architecture makes it possible for projects to be developed in parallel by different teams around the world, without stepping on each other’s toes.

"Crownpeak gave us the ability to create a standard look and feel, and then replicate it across all business units with the ability to provide regional based content."

Timothy Clark | IT Director
Recognized as a Visionary
2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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