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Engage your customers with greater impact

If you manage a global brand today, your job just keeps getting more complicated. Global brands are expected to deliver highly localized experiences – from the user’s first interaction with your brand, through to sales, support and service.

While translation is a good start, it takes more than local language to optimize a user’s experience of a global website – you also need to consider things like: images, messaging, content topics, product offerings and regulatory requirements. And the delivery of your website is important too – how quickly can it be accessed by your local markets?

This is what makes localization so complex. But done right, it opens the door to market opportunity: significantly increasing audience reach, customer satisfaction and conversions.

Having the right infrastructure in place to support your localization strategy is critical to success. Crownpeak DXM’s cloud-based approach has the flexibility you need to deliver truly localized experiences, free of the technical and resource constraints that hamper on-premise solutions.

Improve engagement with localized marketing

Deliver localized marketing programs and a better experience with language, images, products and offers specific to a country or region.

  • Balance central control and local flexibility. With DXM you can give local marketers the freedom they need to control content components, while protecting your brand and enforcing standards within global templates.
  • Ensure data formats adapt to local standards, for example: numbers, dates, names, dimensions and weights.
  • Streamline content translation - DXM supports any worldwide language and our integrated translation management framework can be easily adapted to support your translation workflow.
  • Maximize conversions of country-specific content and promotions with integrated A/B testing.

Speed content delivery to your local markets

  • Because websites hosted by Crownpeak can be deployed to multiple data centers throughout the world, local websites can be served by locally-deployed resources, which means faster local performance. The DXM platform also integrates with any commercially available content delivery network (CDN), as well as offering Amazon Web Service’s CDN (CloudFront) to all Crownpeak DXM customers choosing Crownpeak hosting.

Work in your language and time zone

  • Change the language within DXM so content authors and developers can work in the language most familiar to them – options include: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, Chinese. Other languages can easily be configured upon request.
  • Choose your time zone – so you can schedule campaigns appropriately.

Test and optimize the quality of your localized experiences

And because Crownpeak DXM comes with our powerful Digital Quality Management (DQM) engine built in, you can test that your localization strategy is being correctly deployed across your multinational sites:

  • Set global and local standards and ensure they are being correctly implemented.
  • Manage standards localization requests from distributed editorial teams.
  • Ensure the correct ratio of localized and global content is being maintained and mandated content components are present and correct on local sites.
  • Get a global view of standards and compliance issues across your web presence.
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