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 Design digital experiences efficiently and cost-effectively, without running into technical obstacles.

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Accelerating website launches

The need for speed

Today’s digital marketers are under an enormous amount of pressure to launch new websites quickly. Often, by the time they’ve gotten the green light from leadership to move forward, they’re already behind schedule.

Hands down, the number one reason global companies choose Crownpeak as their website content management solution is due to the speed at which we can get digital experiences launched – sometimes in as little as 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Crownpeak is cloud-first.

Because Crownpeak was built for the cloud, the need for installation, configuration and maintenance on your end is eliminated. All you have to do is log in and start working.

Although some companies claim to offer a cloud solution, their systems still need to be installed, configured and maintained.

  • Any developer can work on the Crownpeak platform, due to our decoupled architecture.

The platform is technology-agnostic, so companies can leverage their existing talent pool regardless of the programming language they're accustomed to using. After just a day or two of training with the Crownpeak support staff, even the most junior developer can start building websites.

  • Creating new pages requires no coding.

As soon as you’ve created your first templates, your marketing team can begin populating them with content using our highly-intuitive CMS. While your content authors work on loading content, your developers can continue to build out the user experience without getting in their way, and vice versa.

  • Quick, seamless integrations.

Whether you’ve got legacy business applications that need to interact with your website, an automated marketing solution like Marketo or a CRM like Salesforce, the Crownpeak platform makes it easy to connect them.

"Crownpeak has provided us a platform which we can deploy sites quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively."

Ronald Mintz | IT Professional | Zoetis
Recognized as a Visionary
2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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