[Webinar Recording] Understanding the Business Value of Web Accessibility

Better Search Engine Rankings, Increased Audience Share, and Mitigated Risk

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Understanding the Business Value of Web Accessibility Wednesday | July 18, 2018

Web accessibility requirements are often viewed as either a legal obligation or a noble cause. However, there is another, often overlooked reason why you should be optimizing your website to comply with accessibility laws and best practices.

An accessible website makes it easier for everyone (not just disabled audiences) to engage with your website. It also helps your website rank better in search. That’s because what most people don’t realize is that Google is akin to a visually-impaired visitor to your site. So by improving the readability of your content and site navigation, you make it easier for everyone (including the search engines) to interact with your website.

In this webinar on “The Business Value of Accessibility”, we cover:

  • Overview of accessibility laws and regulations
  • The business benefits of having an accessible website including how it helps SEO
  • How to improve the accessibility of your website
  • How to scan your website for accessibility issues and prioritize issues