[Webinar Recording] Planning an Enterprise Website Redesign: 10 Best Practice Tips to Follow and Common Mistakes to Avoid

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Planning an Enterprise Website Redesign | Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Stewart Maurer, VP of Marketing at Crownpeak
Eric Swanson, Principal at Sagepath
Victoria Greendyke, Business & IT Strategy Director at Sagepath

Overhauling an enterprise website presence is one of the most important projects you’ll embark on in your career as a global marketer. Your website is after all, the hub of your brand. It’s where you build relationships with your prospects and customers that ultimately drive revenue.

A successful redesign can have tremendous upside for your business, or it can be an absolute disaster. It’s a high-risk project and a high-reward endeavor. That’s why before you even begin to get started, it’s vital to understand the entirety of the process and formulate a plan.

Learn from experts at leading digital experience agency, Sagepath:

  • How to build an RFP that will expedite your evaluation of vendors and lead you to the right decision
  • A guide for mapping the customer journey to ensure the functionality of your site meets the needs of your end users
  • Modern web design trends and when to use them
  • The key to making sure your website redesign increases (not reduces) traffic and conversions