[Webinar Recording] Is Your Mobile App GDPR Compliant? A New Study Shows that 98% of Top Apps Are Not

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Is Your Mobile App GDPR Compliant? | Tuesday, August 21, 2018

You know that you need to ensure that your website complies with an increasing number of privacy laws such as the GDPR, but have you overlooked your mobile app? Crownpeak recently conducted a study of the 100 top free iOS and Android apps, concluding that 98% are not GDPR compliant. Given that mobile apps rely heavily on data collection and behavioral tracking for monetization, companies have put themselves at risk for incurring hefty fines, damaging customer trust, and tarnishing brand reputation.

To help with this widespread issue, Evidon from Crownpeak has launched AppNotice, a turnkey solution that helps companies ensure their apps are compliant with global privacy laws. In our upcoming webinar, we will share the full results of our study, talk about mobile-specific implications of privacy regulation, and show you how AppNotice can help with compliance in your mobile app.

Watch our webinar for:

  • Details about our study of the GDPR compliance of the world’s top apps
  • An overview of the requirements for mobile compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws
  • A demo of AppNotice, showing how we can help you comply with global privacy regulations including GDPR, ePrivacy directive, and the new California Consumer Privacy Act, and more