How Marketers Should Prepare for the CCPA and Future Privacy Regulations | Watch On Demand

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Exclusively for our clients, iMedia has partnered with Crownpeak to host a live webinar to help organizations prepare for the upcoming CCPA regulation and future privacy regulations.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has forced organizations that collect, share, or sell consumer information to examine their practices and comply with new requirements for responsible data stewardship.

Proactive businesses are already considering the CCPA a de-facto U.S. privacy law and preparing privacy operations to address all consumer data they touch, not just that of California residents.

Watch our webinar for a lively discussion on the ramifications of the CCPA for marketers. Kalpana Jayaram, Regional Director at Crownpeak, will share best practices and operational guidance that marketers need to know.

Marketers will learn:

  • How to use the CCPA to create trust and brand equity with customers
  • How to communicate privacy practices to customers
  • Best practices and operational guidance that you need to know

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