[WEBINAR RECORDING] Your Enterprise Website Redesign: How to Build a Data-Driven Digital Experience

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Your Enterprise Website Redesign | Thursday, November 16, 2017

Your website is one of your most valuable digital assets. It’s where you connect and build relationships with prospects and customers. However, in today’s complex, multi-touch marketing environment, staying relevant requires continual investment in a customer-led, data-driven, and experiential site. Brands that regularly leverage testing and insights can consistently deliver remarkable experiences and superior results.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • Why web redesign is a service NOT a project
  • The importance of data-driven design and development
  • Tips to make sure the redesign increases traffic and engagement
  • How to ensure the functionality of the site meets customers’ needs
  • How and what to test to make sure you stay relevant


Stewart Maurer, VP Marketing, Crownpeak

Noel Burkman, VP Web and Mobile Development, Rise Interactive

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Noel Burkman is the VP of Web and Mobile Development at Rise Interactive. Over Noel’s career, he’s been responsible for developing and implementing disruptive business models and the underlying technology, which has led to over $2 billion in new revenue across a number of different industries including higher education, news media, chocolate, and entertainment.

Stew Maurer is the VP of Marketing at Crownpeak, the leading SaaS-based Digital Experience Platform. Throughout his career Stew has helped transform B2B marketing organizations to increased prospect engagement, generate demand, and drive revenue, working with world-class brands including Oracle, Charles Schwab, Openwave, and Maptek.