[Webinar Recording] Introduction to V3

Tips and Tricks for Success

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Introduction to V3: Tips and Tricks for Success | July 25, 2018

Since we first debuted V3, our latest user interface, we’ve been steadily adding new features that make developing and deploying digital experiences from the Crownpeak platform more efficient.

In this webinar, we’ll answer the most common questions, walk through the features most important for anyone getting started, show some ways it is very similar to Volte and Classic (for those making the transition) and lastly, highlight some of the most exciting innovations.

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Some highlights of V3 include:

  • Allowing authors to open several pages at once and toggle between them using tabs
  • Configurable panels to customize your workspace and experience
  • The ability to drag and drop text fields, images and spacers directly into the page in a preview-like mode
  • As-you-type spell checking, a thesaurus, and the ease of importing documents directly from MS Word