Personalization in the Age of Privacy | Presentation

At MarTech East in September 2019, Crownpeak VP of Marketing Ian Lowe, presented on "Personalization in the Age of Privacy." His presentation and the slides above covered the following.

Session overview:

Today's marketing organizations have invested heavily in martech to deliver high-quality, personalized experiences. But with waves of regulation (like GDPR and CCPA), changing consumer perception around privacy, and major market-impacting campaigns from Apple, we've entered a new era of privacy expectations. Driving personalization in the age of privacy takes strategic alignment, the right mindset, and the right tools.

This presentation covers:

  • How privacy and consent are impacting marketing today
  • What are the biggest regulatory concerns coming this year
  • About the dangers of keeping privacy and consent in your legal department
  • How to move privacy and consent to the heart of your customer experience design
  • Crownpeak's lessons learned from delivering over 21 billion consent notices worldwide for global clients

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