A Guide to Picking the Right Digital Experience Management Solution

Thinking beyond today’s needs for a future-proof solution that won’t be obsolete tomorrow

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Guide to Picking the Right DXM Solution

Find a Web Content Management Solution That Aligns With Your Company's Needs

From deploying new digital experiences to publishing high-quality content across multiple touchpoints, you need a platform that addresses today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s unknown ones.

But how do you make a decision when the future of technology is filled with so much uncertainty? The key is finding a flexible Digital Experience Management solution designed to grow and adapt as your needs do.

Only by identifying the functionality and features you need to hit your short and long-term objectives can you be sure you’re investing your organization’s dollars wisely.

This free eBook download includes:

  • A checklist of 10 key considerations to help inform your DXM evaluation.
  • How to determine whether a solution is fully aligned with your organization’s needs.
  • How to not make the mistake of picking a platform you’ll have to replace in a few years.
  • The criteria for assessing whether a solution is truly future-proof.
  • The top requirements of companies looking for rapid deployment and scalability.
  • The maintenance advantages and cost-savings of a SaaS solution.