Four Ways that Hidden Web Tags Threaten Your Business

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As a marketer, you have thousands of adtech and martech tools to choose from to help you deliver the most effective campaigns and best customer experiences. Nearly every time you add a tag to your website, that vendor gets access to your user data. So do their partners, through piggyback tags, which are hidden unless searched for. 

Multiplied across a large digital property, you could easily have hundreds or even thousands of hidden web tags. As they run continuously in the background, piggyback tags can hurt your business by exposing it to a wide range of threats to customer experience, privacy, data security and trust. 

Download the eBook “Four Ways that Hidden Web Tags Threaten Your Business” and learn:

  • The purpose and behavior of these hidden tags
  • The four threats they bring to your organization 
  • How to gain a competitive advantage by eliminating unwanted piggyback tags

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