7 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Jump on Now

Key developments that will transform how you connect with global audiences

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Digital Trends for 2018 Cover

Stay Current on the Biggest Trends in Digital Marketing

As audiences turn to new and different formats and channels to get information, we see 7 digital marketing trends that will potentially drive tidal shifts in how companies create, deliver, measure and evolve their marketing programs in 2018 and the years to come.

The speed at which technology is developing and customer expectations are burgeoning mandates the need to stay ahead of these changes to stay competitive. In this eBook, we’ll dive into some of the biggest trends shaping the future of marketing and recommend some practical approaches on how to use them to increase the impact of your initiatives.

In this eBook, “7 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Jump on Now”, you’ll learn:

  • How marketers will publish more content to more channels while more effectively meeting internal and external quality standards
  • What trends are ahead in social media and ideas for how to leverage them
  • How marketers are applying AI to improve and facilitate content creation, ad buying, personalization, and email
  • The growing role privacy and trust will play in marketing in 2018
  • What’s on our “Content Trends Hotlist” and tips for how to keep pace with the latest innovations in content marketing.