Use Digital Governance to Deliver Consistent and High Quality Content

How automated website scanning catches errors and identifies opportunities that improve CX

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Learn Best Practices for Digital Content Creation and Quality Control

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Regardless of your primary business focus, your company is a digital content creator. Whether your content aims to educate readers, influence prospects, support existing customers, or all three, it plays an undeniably critical role in the customer experience.

As people choose to do more research on their own and companies race to produce more content to satisfy them, its importance only grows, making it vital that everything published is accurate, high-quality, and consumable.

In this eBook, “Use Digital Governance to Deliver Consistent and High Quality Content,” we’ll explain how automated quality assurance is helping global companies produce more effective content across all their online assets.

You’ll learn:

  • How to introduce content quality control to your organization by using digital governance
  • How to monitor tens or hundreds of content authors across divisions to ensure that content being published is error-free, on-brand, and complies with your industry’s regulatory requirements
  • How to grow your readership and avoid legal action by ensuring your content is accessible on any device and by any audience
  • Best practices for making sure your content is discoverable by the search engines and your website visitors