CCPA Industry Playbook: 6 Use Cases and Solutions

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The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) changes the rules of the game for any organizations that have California customers or operations. Non-compliance can result in liability for a variety of damages or bring on enforcement actions.

To overcome these hurdles, companies will need to deploy sophisticated data privacy and consent solutions to address the specific use cases in their industries where there may be CCPA exposure. In this guide, we’ll examine multiple potential use cases in four key sectors, and the technologies that can help organizations not just survive the CCPA, but thrive in its aftermath.

Download our “CCPA Industry Playbook: 6 Example Use Cases and Solutions” for expert insights about:

  • Whether or not you’re exposed under the CCPA...and what it might cost
  • How a consent solution can help a company with even thousands of digital touchpoints stay compliant
  • The specific ways retail, ecommerce, financial services, and healthcare can benefit from privacy protection and consent solutions

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