4 Easy Steps for Creating Buyer Personas

A critical tool for increasing conversions

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4 Easy Steps for Creating Buyer Personas

Keep Up With Buyer Demands and Expectations

The future of managing digital experiences promises to be more complex and technology-driven than it’s ever been. The means for building and sustaining a brand has been turned on its head and organizations are still trying to make sense of it.

To boot, customers are becoming more demanding. As the digital landscape grows, their expectations are growing too. They want fast-loading, consistent experiences no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

In this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How buyer personas help marketers keep pace with prospects' increasing expectations for personalization.
  • How to build effective and accurate buyer personas by gathering insight about your key target customers.
  • Which questions you should be rigorously asking about your user-facing content when mapping to your personas.
  • How to develop more personas, and the next steps you can take to maximize the yield for your business.

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Research proves that businesses using buyer personas make their websites two to five times more effective at engagement (source: Hubspot). It also proves how prospects that don't receive personalized content quickly turn to competitors.