10 Highly Useful Tips for Localizing Content

Boost brand value and avoid the common costly mistakes companies make

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Tips for Localizing Content

Increase Your Company Success in International Markets

As customers demand more relevant online experiences, identifying cultural differences within target markets and tailoring your marketing campaign accordingly can give you a real competitive advantage.

An effective localization strategy is more than translating your content – it’s about engaging with customers in ways that support their belief systems.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • How global companies can develop brand authenticity across geographies.
  • The primary considerations needed to build customer loyalty in local international markets.
  • How localizing content can significantly improve your SEO in other countries.

An effective localization strategy can boost brand value and save companies millions.

Ignoring or doing a poor job at localization, on the other hand, can create sizable costs for a marketer – in lost sales opportunities, or even in regulatory or legal penalties levied by different countries.

But despite these risks, nearly 40% of companies doing business on the internet don’t have a web content localization strategy. Are you one of them?