Crownpeak Training Overview

Flexible programs to arm our customers & partners with the right skills (PDF | 196 KB)

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At Crownpeak, we recognize that our success depends on the continued success of our customers and partners. As a result, we offer flexible training programs to ensure that our users have the knowledge and skill to meet their maximum potential. From learning how to personalize digital experiences in Crownpeak to setting up A/B testing, building templates, and writing integrations, we have a capable team ready to train the most beginning or advanced user. 

This datasheet describes your options for platform training:

  • Online or in-person.
  • Onsite or at Crownpeak HQ.
  • For customers of for partners.
  • For end-users or developers.
  • Instructor-led or learner-led.
  • Flexible scheduling.