Digital Quality Management for Adobe Experience Manager

Seamlessly integrated with Adobe Experience Manager (PDF | 423KB)

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Crownpeak DQM AEM integration builds Digital Quality Management directly into your publication workflow, closing the gap between content authoring and digital quality assurance. So your digital marketing team can test and optimize content without ever leaving the AEM environment.

Organizations with multiple websites, multiple channels and globally-distributed digital teams need control over the quality and consistency of every digital touchpoint.

Otherwise, issues ranging from broken links to outdated content or SEO errors can go undetected, and become serious and costly -- or worse, compromise the integrity of your brand and put your organization at risk.  

Crownpeak DQM protects your brand and your organization by crawling your site and identifying issues based on a set of best practice checkpoints as well your own customizable list.

In this datasheet, you'll learn more about the detailed features of the product and why the world’s top brands rely on the leading SaaS solution for digital governance, Crownpeak DQM.