Ensuring Digital Quality Across Multiple Markets at Toyota

How Toyota Motor Europe use Crownpeak Digital Quality Management to protect the DNA of their global brand (PDF | 255 KB)

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“Quality in all aspects” is a guiding principle at Toyota. They often refer to the Japanese concept of “Omotenashi”, which means being the perfect host by anticipating and respecting visitors’ needs in order to make their experience with Toyota effortless and enjoyable. However, like all global brands, protecting that experience across their expanding digital properties presents a challenge.

To ensure that all their online touchpoints across regions meet their stringent criteria, Toyota created a set of core digital standards. To manage and enforce them, they chose Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management (DQM).

In this case study, you’ll learn how Toyota uses DQM to:

  • Communicate its commitment to excellence to local markets
  • Ensure that their digital standards are clear and performance is measurable
  • Build market presence through effective localization
  • Create competitive advantage through customer experience
  • Support Toyota’s culture of “Quality”