Healthgrades Chose Crownpeak and AWS to Deliver Top-Tier Digital Experiences to Over 1,500 Organizations

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Healthgrades is a leading provider of online patient experience solutions, but their legacy platform was hampering their ability to evolve. They sought a technology partner to provide enhanced CMS capabilities for their Consumer Experience Platform and to future-proof its delivery to their customer base of over 1,500 top healthcare brands.

In this case study, you'll learn:

  • How Crownpeak DXM met Healthgrades' exceptionally high standards for the security of their customers’ data and fulfilled stringent regulatory standards.
  • Why they chose Crownpeak’s Advanced Web Hosting service, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to provide additional layers of security protection and resiliency.
  • That Crownpeak’s SaaS delivery model was a key differentiator in the vendor selection process as it enables Healthgrades to scale their platform with their client-base without escalating costs and future-proof its delivery.
  • How in addition to using Crownpeak to support their customer platform, Healthgrades migrated their own corporate website to Crownpeak DXM.