Research in Action’s Vendor Selection
Matrix™ for Digital Experience Management

Research in Action Ranks Crownpeak Digital Experience
Management (DXM) as Market Leader

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Research in Action’s annual Vendor Selection Matrix™ for Digital Experience Management has published, and we are proud to announce that not only has Crownpeak been named a Market Leader, but e-Spirit recently acquired by Crownpeak, is ranked in the top 3 as well. The Vendor Selection Matrix™ is based on a survey of 1500 global executives and uses a unique methodology which combines user feedback with analyst opinion to create a current and well-rounded market perspective on each product including service, value-for-money and ability to innovate. 

Download the report now to get a comprehensive view of:

  • Research in Action’s definition of digital experience management and the evolution of the market
  • Important trends in digital experience management systems
  • The Top 16 digital experience management system vendors based on product, company, and service quality

Crownpeak has achieved the report’s highest rating in customer satisfaction, and Crownpeak DXM and e-Spirit’s FirstSpirit DXP both have received top ratings in the report.

To learn more about why Crownpeak’s Digital Experience Management System is rated so highly by our customers, download your complimentary edition of the 2021 report by filling the form.