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The average website has 75 different technologies running behind the scenes - shouldn't you know what they are? With Trackermap, you get a map of all the vendors on your site that have access to your website data, and how they connect to one another so you can identify which ones are necessary, which ones are redundant, and which ones shouldn't be there at all. 

Who are these vendors and what are they doing here?

We can tell you. We know 6000 of them.

With every marketing technology you enable on your site, you give not only that vendor access to your user data, but their partners too. The problem is, you can't tell what's in the JavaScript tag your vendor provides. So you add it to your site and unbeknownst to you, you've just potentially enabled another vendor (or several) to conduct behavioral monitoring on your site, which can result in a host of issues. 

That's why we've spent years analyzing and collecting vendor tags. We have a database of over 6000 and we know exactly what's in them. We're not recommending you remove the tags on your site - we understand the value of martech - but it is possible that some of them are causing site latency problems, data privacy violations, revenue leakage, or a suboptimal user experience.

Our Trackermap is the first step towards getting a handle on what's happening so you can take control of it.

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