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Every time you add a tag to your website, you give unknown vendors access to your data; find out which tags pose a security risk and block them with one click.

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Learn how TagControl works

Marketers need martech tools to build more effective digital campaigns, but for every tool added to your site, numerous unknown vendors get access to your data. Watch the video to learn how TagControl mitigates the risk.

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What you don't know could hurt you

If you're like most enterprise companies, your marketing team has an abundant martech stack, which is powered by tags you add to your website. These tags give your vendors access to the data they need to fulfill their commitment to you. The problem is, they often give access to other unknown parties too. 

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The danger of piggyback tags

Hidden in the code of the tags provided by your martech vendors are additional tags that also give their partners access to your user data (without your permission). These are called piggyback tags, and they can cause security issues, violate privacy laws, and degrade the user experience. 

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Rein in the risk

TagControl gives you visibility into the vendors you know have access to your site AND more importantly, the ones you don't know. How? We have a proprietary directory of over 6000 vendors and we've analyzed every one of their tags to uncover the type of data they're collecting and what they're doing with it. We can even tell you which tags are slowing down your site. 

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Block the tags that pose a risk with one click

Chances are, once you see all the unauthorized third-parties with access to your user data, you'll want to make some changes. TagControl makes it easy to block the tags you don't want firing with one simple click. You can even use TagControl to scan a tag before you've added it to your website, ensuring that moving forward you're providing a fast and safe user experience. 

NFL Trackermap generated with Tag Auditor
See who has access to your data

With Trackermap, a feature of TagControl, you get 360 degree visibility into every third-party that's collecting information about your website visitors. You also get information on how those tags are impacting the security and usability of your website.

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Combine TagControl & Universal Consent Platform for ironclad compliance

Take your compliance with global privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA to the next level by combining Crownpeak TagControl with Universal Consent Platform. Watch the video to learn more. 

The Features and Benefits of TagControl

Learn all the third-parties with access to your websites and app users

  • Built on top of the industry’s largest martech vendor database with over 6000 regularly updated, detailed company profiles.
  • Helps you vet vendors and make sure they’re disclosed in your privacy policy, minimizing the risk of non-compliance with data privacy laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Directive, PIPEDA, and more.  
  • Goes beyond traditional tag managers by setting security rules within your visitors' browsers in near-real time to limit tag redirects and ensure only approved tags fire.
  • Gives you the ability to block or whitelist every third-party with access to your user data.
  • Prevents data leakage, optimizes site performance, and stops unauthorized personal data collection.