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Find out which third-parties are monitoring your visitors and what's at stake.

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The more marketing technology you add to your site, the more parties you give access to your user data. We're not just talking about the vendors you have relationships with, we're talking about their partners who through association also gain access.

Besides posing privacy issues, there can be other ramifications including:

  • Causing site latency that translates into visitors who bounce because they won't wait for your page to load. 
  • Triggering security warning messages that create user doubt and cause them to abandon your site mid-transaction.
  • Lowering your search engine rankings because of suspicious code or spam concerns.
  • Increasing the likelihood of data leakage through unauthorized access.
  • Elevated security risks.
  • Non-compliance with laws like the GDPR or ePrivacy Directive.

With Tag Auditor, you get visibility into every vendor that's tracking the visitors on your website so you can clean house and improve your marketing ops, tighten security, and focus on the user experience. 

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A real eye-opener

Along with Site Auditor, you get access to our patented Trackermap tool, which generates a real-time visual representation of what's happening to your user data. Chock full of insights, Trackermap provides a panoramic view into every vendor monitoring the behavior of your visitors, how they got access, and what they're doing there. 

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Top Benefits
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Data Governance

Get increased transparency into all the third-parties with access to your websites and app users

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Optimize Site Performance

Identify opportunities that can help you deliver a better user experience

Security Shield
Identify Security Threats

Bring to the surface potential security vulnerabilities so they can be addressed

Scales of Justice
Comply with Privacy Laws

Conform to various global privacy legislation like the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, CalOPPA, and the FTC Act

Recognized as a Visionary
2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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