Uncover issues along the customer journey that can impact usability and functionality

Conduct real-time scans that interact with the critical pages of your website to ensure your marketing technology is performing at an optimal level

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Increase Conversions and Generate More Revenue

Get real-time automated monitoring that reports any issues affecting the most valuable pages of your website. You define the page sequences most vital to your buyers journey and our Critical Path Monitoring solution will interact with those pages in the same way a user would, revealing aspects of the experience that may be negatively affecting your bounce rate, causing shopping cart abandonment, or slowing down page loading time.

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Identify Marketing Tech Stack Issues

The vendor tags you've added to your websites and apps can have unexpected complications like firing at the wrong time, not firing at all or incorrectly firing, reducing the value you get from your marketing tech stack. The worst part? They can often go undetected for months or years and jeopardize the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. Critical Path Monitoring regularly monitors the key pages of your site and provides daily reporting on any misbehaving tags so you can fix them right away, before they even have a chance to start causing problems.

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Highlighted Features

  • Regular Scans: Monitors any sequence of pages on your website or app and informs you in real-time when there are issues
  • Simulates the User: Interacts with your website the same way a user would to uncover any problems that may affect bounce rates or conversions
  • Tag Alerts: Get notified every time there's an issue with a tag misfiring or compromising the user experience
  • Fix Bottlenecks: Identify tags that may be preventing users from accomplishing certain tasks on your website or apps

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2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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