Uncover issues along the customer journey that can impact usability and functionality

Conduct real-time scans that interact with the critical pages of your website to ensure your marketing technology is performing at an optimal level

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Are the tags on your site hurting conversion rates?

As the digital advertising ecosystem advances, companies get the benefit of gaining access to more data and analytics that produce more targeted ad campaigns, and in turn generate more revenue. But there can be unintended consequences of implementing digital marketing technology on your website or mobile applications. The JavaScript tags that enable these tools can slow your site down and cause performance problems.

For companies that depend on their websites and apps for revenue, this issue is magnified when bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment increase because of slow loading pages or a poor user experience. With Critical Path Monitoring, you get real-time automated monitoring that reports any issues affecting the critical pages of your website. By interacting with pages in the same way a user would, Critical Path Monitoring reveals aspects of the experience that are being compromised due to mismanaged tags.

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Monitor Your Marketing Tech Stack

Make sure all your vendors are delivering

Your web analytics, campaign tracking tools, retargeting campaigns, and most digital marketing initiatives are powered by easily added, short JavaScript vendor tags you've added to your websites and apps. These tags seem harmless enough, but they can have complications like firing at the wrong time, not firing at all, or incorrectly firing.

Given their mission-critical role in enabling your martech stack to do its duty, they can have far-reaching implications that affect your organization's highest value web pages.

Critical Path Monitoring emulates any key sequence of events a user performs on your site and runs a report to determine if there are any misbehaving tags along the way. Even better, it doesn't just do that once, it does it on an ongoing basis so you can immediately identify tags that aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. So you can take stock and make changes quickly to optimize conversion rates.  

Highlighted Features
Page Scan Icon
Regular Scans

Monitors any sequence of pages on your website or app and informs you in real-time when there are issues.

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Simulates the User

Interacts with your website the same way a user would to uncover any problems that may affect bounce rates or conversions. 

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Tag Alerts

Get notified every time there's an issue with a tag misfiring or compromising the user experience.

Bottleneck Funnel
Fix Bottlenecks

Identify tags that may be preventing users from accomplishing certain tasks on your website or apps. 

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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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