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Web accessibility is now mandatory. Get compliant today.

Creating accessible web content is no longer an option. Not only is accessibility required by law, but done right, it helps you extend your reach, grow your audience, and protect your brand. But manually maintaining accessible content across your digital landscape is a daunting task. Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM), uses AI and automation to efficiently identify and remediate accessibility issues across your site, drastically simplifying compliance. To see how DQM can help your organization, let us Analyze Your URL.

end to end accessibility compliance: auto-fix, monitoring, dashboards

How does it work?

  1. Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) scans your site and identifies and categorizes accessibility, SEO, brand, and other quality issues.
  1. Using Contextual Understanding AI, DQM adjusts the visitor experience to be accessible for your site visitors.
  1. DQM displays and helps prioritize outstanding issues in configurable dashboards so you can fix the underlying issues at the source and become fully compliant.

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Example of WCAG & ADA Accessibility Compliance Tool
Global Accessibility Compliance

Ensure ADA, WCAG 2.1, and section 508 compliance across all your websites and content. Our enterprise web accessibility tool allows you to easily identify and prioritize issues related to:

  • WCAG 2.1 level A, AA, or AAA
  • Content that is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust
  • All aspects of website including content presentation, links, images, rich media, metadata, URLs, and mobile experience
  • PDF accessibility
  • Priority issues defined by your organization

dqm accessibility interface screenshot
The DQM Accessibility Interface

DQM’s accessibility interface allows each site visitor to adjust your website’s UI and design to fit their individual needs or disability. Key features include:

  • Content adjustments
  • Color and display adjustments
  • Navigation adjustments
  • Stop animations
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Online dictionary
  • Quick navigation

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autofix AI generated alt-text
Automatic, AI-powered Remediation

DQM Auto-Fix analyzes every page of your site, identifies pages elements, and makes them accessible using what it has learned from millions of prior scans, without any manual work.

  • Image recognition and OCR AI technologies
  • Daily scans
  • Low-code implementation

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Crownpeak DQM issue reporting and checkpoint offer a data at a glance
Track and report progress

DQM’s flexible reporting tools allow you to view, track, and share progress towards compliance over time. Report on changes by group, individual website, or issue for the date range you need.

Our enterprise web accessibility tool allows you to create individual reporting dashboards or leaderboards to show how the different areas of your digital presence are performing and to incentivize your team.

Screenshot of Crownpeak DQM showing WCAG & ADA issues in-context
View issues in-context

DQM highlights accessibility issues directly on a page so you can easily find and fix them. Choose to view an issue in the browser or source code along with any other issues that may exist on the page. CMS integrations allow you to test, repair, and optimize content in both pre- and post-publication environments.

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Example of WCAG & ADA Accessibility Compliance Tool
Learn from explanations and guidance

Each accessibility issue includes a clear explanation about what it takes to be compliant and a direct link to the corresponding WCAG guideline so you can ensure your website is accessible even if you’re not an expert (yet).

Crownpeak DQM group overview tool screenshot
Simplify management across web properties and teams

DQM includes diagnostic tools and KPI reports to expedite and simplify management in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Our reports and diagnostic tools provide deep insight across your web properties, so you can drive improvement, manage risk, and share with stakeholders. Choose how and when your team receives updates.

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Beyond accessibility

Accessibility is a small piece of overall website quality. DQM helps you fix issues with SEO, brand standards, broken links, spelling, and more. Go beyond accessibility compliance and optimize your site to give every visitor the highest quality experience.

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✔ Brand compliance

✔ Search engine optimization (SEO)

✔ Editorial standards

✔ Localization requirements

✔ Privacy and regulatory compliance

✔ UX/UI standards

✔ Multi-lingual spell check and broken links

✔ Custom checkpoints

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