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Enforce policy standards and ensure consistency across your websites with automated monitoring of your unique brand and business rules.

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Successful digital brands are built on consistency, so protecting brand integrity across all your digital touchpoints is crucial. Crownpeak DQM can be configured to monitor your organization’s unique digital policies and guidelines – think of these as the DNA of your digital brand – ensuring all brand and regulatory standards are implemented powerfully and consistently.

Example checkpoints include:

  • Your brand style guide, including requirements for specific fonts, colors, and guidelines for templates and layouts.
  • Your editorial standards, including consistent use of terminology, language clarity, and the detection of prohibited terms and phrases.
  • Ensuring that all legally mandated content is present on your site, including: data protection, privacy policies, terms and conditions, intellectual property protection and corporate disclaimers.

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"The professionalism of our site has really improved. DQM enables us to set quality standards for all aspects of our website and ensure they are being met. It's a powerful tool for optimizing the customer experience."

Head of Country Website Management | Shell


Ranked by J.Boye as the leading quality management platform for features and functions.
“What sets Crownpeak DQM apart is its enterprise-level capability for managing complex multi-touchpoint and multi-language digital presences.” -J.Boye
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