Multiple digital touchpoints – one point of control

Delivering consistent, high quality multi-touchpoint experiences can be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Crownpeak DQM brings it all together.

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Total visibility

Manage and measure your way to success

Our intuitive reports and diagnostic tools provide deep insight across your web properties, so you can drive improvement, manage risk and react quickly.

Digital quality analytics

Powerful, flexible reporting

Actionable information in the format you need

Crownpeak DQM provides the top-tier visibility and reporting that managers need to take control of their digital operations. Customizable dashboards show how your organization’s websites deliver against your brand standards, policies, legal and ethical responsibilities. In the format you need.

  • Individual reporting dashboards for each area of your web presence.
  • Organize data to match your digital structure e.g. by site, division, product or area of responsibility.
  • Leaderboards show how the different areas of your digital presence are performing in relation to each other and your peers.
  • Track progress over time.
  • Download data views in spreadsheet format for offline analysis and sharing.
  • Email alerts keep you informed about the status of your sites when you're not logged into the system.
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Manage and prioritize

End-to-end control

  • Update your standards as often as necessary and flag high risk issues for priority attention by your editors.
  • Manage requests for standards exceptions and localization requirements, and communicate instructions to your team.
  • Create and manage users and assign permissions based on role or responsibility.
  • Track team engagement and download usage reports.
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“DQM is ideally suited for those who need sophisticated governance for large web estates, require issues to be managed through organized workflow or have a need to closely manage brand compliance issues.”

Ranked by J.Boye as the leading quality management platform for features and functions.
“What sets Crownpeak DQM apart is its enterprise-level capability for managing complex multi-touchpoint and multi-language digital presences.” -J.Boye
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