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Make sure your digital assets are working for you, not against you, with a global inventory of all content assets and media files across your sites

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Crownpeak DQM provides sophisticated reporting on all your digital assets including media files, PDFs, content assets and other documents, making it easy to audit and manage your assets and locate specific files. Like turning on the lights - DQM illuminates the dark corners of your web presence, putting you firmly in control of your assets, so you can ensure every component of your web presence is accurate, on-brand and up-to-date.

Digital Quality Management Track Assets
Discover, manage and track all your digital assets

In addition, custom reports can be created to provide detailed insight on any aspect of your site – a powerful means of tackling key content management challenges, such as these:

  • Are you using the latest product images?
  • Are your data sheets up-to-date?
  • Have the contact pages of all your global sites been updated with the new office location?
  • A product has been discontinued. On which pages is it mentioned?
  • John Smith has been promoted. How do I find all mentions of him on the web presence to update his job title?

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“The great thing about DQM is that anything that can be measured is measured. This makes progress very visible.”

Digital Standards and Quality Manager | Bupa
Ranked by J.Boye as the leading quality management platform for features and functions.
“What sets Crownpeak DQM apart is its enterprise-level capability for managing complex multi-touchpoint and multi-language digital presences.” -J.Boye
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