Ensure your entire web presence meets your organization’s quality, accessibility, and consistency standards

Improve the quality of your web presence

There are so many things to consider when you’re about to publish content to your website – is it optimized to rank competitively in the search engines? Is it accessible? Does it match your brand guidelines? What about legal? Even the best manual process is bound to result in mistakes.

Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) makes quality assurance a simple and time-effective process. Integrated directly into your web content management solution, your team can easily identify, prioritize, and fix errors across all your digital properties.

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Get powerful quality assurance across all digital properties

Organizations with multiple websites, multiple channels, and globally distributed digital teams often struggle to manage the consistency and quality of their digital touchpoints. DQM streamlines the process by enabling teams to monitor their HTML and JavaScript websites against digital policies and standards from a centralized dashboard. Errors and inconsistencies are flagged, and issues are highlighted on each page so your team can easily fix them.

Web accessibility

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Brand compliance

Editorial standards

Localization requirements

Privacy and regulatory compliance

UX/UI standards

Multi-lingual spell check and broken links

Custom checkpoints

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Use across your global enterprises

DQM is specifically designed to meet the needs of complex multi-site, multi-platform enterprise environments. Automated scanning across all HTML and JavaScript web experiences delivers comprehensive visibility into issues. Customizable to match your unique reporting and configuration requirements, DQM has become the trusted solution for leading brands. 


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Meet web accessibility requirements

Web accessibility is legally mandated in many countries and with increased legislation around the world. With real commercial and financial risks involved, accessibility has become an urgent issue for the digital C-suite.

Crownpeak Digital Quality Management enables you to implement best practices for ensuring all users have equal access to your sites and fully supports:

  • WCAG 2.1
  • Section 508

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Improve your Search Engine Optimization

Ensure every page of every site is optimized to improve your rankings and increase traffic.

Our on-page SEO tool includes checkpoints tailored to ensure your sites stay compliant with your search engine strategy.

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Measure and drive success with flexible reporting

DQM includes advanced analytics and KPI reports to expedite and simplify management in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Our intuitive reports and diagnostic tools provide deep insight across your web properties, so you can drive improvement, manage risk, and react quickly.

Create individual reporting dashboards or leaderboards to show how the different areas of your digital presence are performing and to incentivize your team.

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Integrate with any content management system

Crownpeak DQM can be used with any CMS, from open source to most leading commercial platforms and comes included with Crownpeak’s Digital Experience platform.

DQM can be incorporated directly into your CMS publication workflow, enabling digital marketers and content professionals to test, repair, and optimize their content in both pre- and post-publication environments.

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